18 comments on “Move Over, The Budman is Here

  1. >Okay how fid you get a different question 8 than the rest of us? Maybe I wash my hair to frequently. LOL. That Robert is a loudmouth pig. Disgusting.

  2. >Ok Bud, you're religion is just about being naked as the day you were born. Is that it?Well, no hiding anything that way. Kind of like Nudists.Love # 4. I also think he could use all that you listed.

  3. >Only you could put a naked lady in a question about religion.About the goatee- there was actually a FB group and a Wiki space devoted to you removing it.

  4. >Jill Hennessey? I would have never guessed that one. I think this quote guy needs a case of all personal hygiene products. Holy Moly.

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