10 comments on “I Don’t Care if Monday’s Blue

  1. >Well I see Google wants to help you make more money 🙂 WOOT!!! I'm amazed because they make you keep that stupid ass warning LOL Oh well I guess adult warnings me just as much money to Google as no warnings at all. They almighty dollar. Brilliant answers on this today. How you related these all too songs. Excellent. I wonder if Elvis should go get some help from the FT ya think? Have a great Monday 🙂

  2. >I was surprised the other day when Google ads still ran on the same page as the word "penis" (Sat.9) yet, when my friend ran something about breastfeeding she got the PSA ads. (Google dumps PSA ads on you when there is something about your page they don't like). Whatever- 35 cents lost.You nailed those answers with a fine twist.Thanks for playing.

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