20 comments on “Wasting Away Again In Margaritaville

  1. >Pillow Talk is a fascinating movie on so many levels that have nothing to do with the story. (Like Doris' wardrobe and the self-loathing it must have taken for Rock to deliver some of those homophobic lines.) It's like a 90 minute time capsule of life pre-British Invasion.Which leads me to your sartorial choice. An Abbey Road t-shirt goes with everything!

  2. >Did you and Harriet conspire on this one. LOL. THAT Damn Google Warning. We need to stick that up some ones ass. Have a great Sunday.

  3. >Good answers. You're right about there being lots of tattoo questions these days. You said "bought" rather than "thought" in both questions four and five, it made me wonder if you had a cold (if so, it's another excuse for those Smirnoff meds). Have a great Sunday!

  4. >"Hi" back at your lady.#4 & #5….so you're saying you like your women stupid? (No offense to your present lady)I love Doris Day movies! I'm thinking my mom might have done drugs when pregnant.

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