18 comments on “She Had a Lot of Nerve

  1. >Linda does seem to have the impact on people LOL 🙂 So witty with No 9 LOL Quack Quack…Have a great Saturday 🙂

  2. >Love the new background – it's totally YOU! I've never been to Syracuse and don't believe I ever shall go there but it seems like I wouldn't be missing anything so I guess it's okay! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. >How old is that duck joke anyway?Sounds like the groom's aunt was a feisty one…You left the wrong link on the linky fyi- it links back to the meme. D'OH!

  4. >I only hope Deep Throat was memorable because of the action on the screen and not in the seats. The thought of a porn theater is too icky. Shudder!Here I thought you'd go for the "cancellation of Crossing Jordan makes Jill the one that got away" answer but you let yourself be honest and vulnerable. Kudos. I bet it's easier to go for the joke, isn't it?

  5. >Hmmm…I would of thought the movie would have been "Behind the Green Door" when it was playing at a drive-in theater on the Berlin Turnpike.

  6. >Annette-Berleen and Kimber invented the meme ThursdayThunks. A couple of months ago they asked me top become the third writer for it. They always ask bizarre questions. So I try to folow their formula…

  7. >Porn films at the Berlin Drive-In with HS dates??? My, my, MY the things I am learning about my new boyfriend…nice line about the one that got away. 😉

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