16 comments on “The Hunter’s Den

  1. I knew you'd mention Sarah Palin, I knew it! 🙂 Dragon Lady sounds like just as much of a treasure as Crow Lady. …ishy-ick

  2. >Poor Linda and her bland blog…not worth the energy to keep rehashing it Bud. #20Eeeeek…the Dragon Lady…hope she isn't reading this, we'll see steam coming all the way from her southern cave… #30Umm Hey Froggie…"when you ask a pipe in french it sounds more romantic" ?? huh?… #17Stoked about the move also….#12

  3. >Dragon Lady sounds a bitch! Hope karma bit extra hard! Think you're wrong about Sarah Palin ……. dont' faint …. she also qualifies as a murdering bitch ….. there's been a few petitions courtesy of Care2 (petitionsite.com) against her advocating the hunting of wolves …. let's see her one on one with a starving wolf, without a bloody gun! Hi back to your lady ….. hope her move goes smoothly 🙂

  4. >I am proud to read your blog and I am an almost 38yr old. (Minus the mom part!) I knew you'd pick Jill for the celebrity shag. Just in case you were wondering, I'd pick Josh. I know shocking huh?Did I read right? You drank coffee? Hehehehehe…Love it!

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