14 comments on “Planes, Train and The Beatles

  1. Holy Moly….Don't even get me started on Plains, Trains and Automobiles. It's a Thanksgiving classic for me and my family. We have lived that trip many times! Those were real hotels used in the movie. Total classic… :)Thanks for playing.

  2. [second try–FAIL on the link]I still read books. On paper (mostly) even. :-PThe thought of you interviewing Macca made me giggle; I'd bet on you finding questions to ask that he's never EVER been asked, even by Chris Farley.

  3. And I'm even later as it's actually Wednesday morning being that it's after midnight. Sheesh! I need a better organized schedule! Your Dad doesn't like Steve Martin? Well, to each his own I guess – I don't like Will Farrell!

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