16 comments on “My Head Hurts and My Feet Stink

  1. So many answers to comment on! Happy the Dog on your checks? I had no idea you were so attached to your virtual dog! :-)Jill monthly… somehow I missed that magazine. Although if all she does is rhapsodize about you, it might be worth a chuckle.;-)

  2. Love, love, LOVE your theme song. I'm really not sure I'd like that Connecticut special pizza. Bud, that looks gross. Seriously.You rock…we both thought of used Trojans. Hmmmmm.

  3. That pizza photo is truly disturbing. But not as disturbing as Yoko's visage.I don't know who better personifies evil in its human form — Yoko or Fucking Steve Bartman. You watch: it will soon be revealed that one of them is involved in the BP oil spill.

  4. That reminds me. I should put Elvisopoly on my June Christmas list.Holy Moly. Thanks for the reminder Bud! If you didn't mention Beatles Monopoly I would have lost out. Do you think they have a Josh Monthly?

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