8 comments on “The Old 40 Year Itch

  1. Oh the itch is back LOL Yoda is brilliant. Yoda for President 🙂 I don't think it was only Pot Janera borrowed LOL Oh yeah don't ever let the French Twins go…They have become my mainstay in life 🙂 Have a great Wednesday. No TT for me either. Not even up yet and I'm off to work. Oh well. Better luck next week. Oh yeah, next week I'm gonna be gone. Seattle bound. WOOT!!!

  2. 40 years with Al Gore? Oy! Actually I can't imagine going around for 40 years calling my significant other "Tipper". But I digress.I for one would miss your blog. You know that!Lastly, the guy in the picture near question #3 really needs Crest White Strips or something. Just sayin.

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