27 comments on “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love

  1. How can you help but love a woman who throws coffee cans at you?!Enjoy your cookout, regardless of who is (or isn't) there….

  2. The romantic restaurant sounds damn good to me. And the prime rib cooked rare…yessiree.Oh and the HOOTie blowjob…that was so you….and I got the biggest LOL

  3. It's not the Nair tank you need worry about Bud, it's when you wake up with wax strips stuck all over you and you gotta pull them off yourself! Loving No17 answer, though I think Kathy will now know about Jill Hennessey!

  4. I get ads for the little blue pills all the time. I keep telling them that I don't have a penis. I don't know why they just won't take my word for it. Holy Moly, the nerve of some people. Just because I have a unisex name doesn't mean they should assume. Remember what Tony Randall/Felix Unger said about assuming. LOLI am glad you are learning all about the importance of coffee Bud. (You saw that coming didn't you?)

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