22 comments on “It’s So Fine, It’s Sunshine

  1. Numbers? Really? Crap… well, I guess we do numbers next week! "Number C" was the best. answer. ever. But I do have to add that Number B was interesting… I always thought that would be fun to own one too! I wouldn't be one of the women working, but they just look like a fun place to hang out. No pun intended, of course. And.. oh, btw. I'm jealous, but thats ok. I'll get over it. I'll let you read into that one.

  2. I would have thought the French Twins would have worked themselves into the alphabet someplace, but at least you mentioned that fantasy starf**k Jill and the Lady of the Mountains… Can hardly wait for the numbers….

  3. I NEVER use an umbrella. Hated them since I was a kid – just another thing to try to carry and not poke your eye out. I always say I'm not sweet I won't melt.I have yoda saying "message from the dark side there is" as the alert on my cell.

  4. Hmm. . . I was really wondering if your ABC's in life is amusing, I guess it's ecstatic. I had fun reading your ABC's Bud. Thanks for the smile.P.S OOpppsss! I notice you have change your photo. Not so cute. . . LOL!

  5. Yer G proved yer C. Made me sorta tear up. Srsly.And I think Abbey Road might have been the last album where there was even a snippet of love in the studio.

  6. This is for you Bud…H – is for HOLY MOLY!I thought F would have been for French Twins, but fucktardian is just as good. LOL!

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