22 comments on “I’m in Love for the First Time

  1. I wouldn't ha e believed it if I hadn't read it. Good for you. Everyone needs that. I'm still waiting. But hell I ain't even looking. It's going to be good going on this journey with the both of you. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. As I'm reading this the first thing that I thought was "A swimsuit? In May? With the weather we've been having? Are you nuts??" but then I remembered that when people are in love, they do crazy things and you're obviously in love! I do believe I have just found another place that I want to take a road-trip to and get some pictures of! Amanda may not be up for it as the last time I took her to New Hampshire she was none too impressed with the rocks and trees but hey, as her mother I'm entitled to a certain number of "drive your kid crazy" days and Greylock looks like the perfect place! You need to do more posts like this so make sure Kathy takes you out and tortures you on a regular basis so you have material!

  3. Bud? Hello? Are you in there?Can someone call whoever is in charge of internet theft? I think someone stole Bud's blog… This has made it's way to the top of my "favorite Bud post" list. It almost even created a tear… it probably would have had I had just a bit more coffee in my system.

  4. Linda-She knew we couldn't swim. She just wanted to wade and thought we might get splashed. I didn't even put it on.You would love the Berkshires. Kathy went there for a visit, fell in love with the views and area and stayed. And since you know how I love your photos, there is a lot there to photograph… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You guys are LOVE. You know how I feel about the both of you! This post makes me so happy. I know how crazy you are about her but I won't tell her ๐Ÿ˜‰ — She's just as crazy about you my friend. I promised I wouldn't say but..whoops!It seems like a very fun day despite the near fatalities. It actually sounds like some of the predicaments Larry and I got ourselves into, in the beginning of our relationship. When you have alot of "this can only happen to us" moments, you know they are a keeper!I'm rooting for the both of you, you know that. You two are so friggin cute…you know I still want to put you on a shelf! โ™ฅ

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