5 comments on “I Pity the Fool

  1. I totally agree on the spammers – just delete the crap and move on!As for the people talking loudly on their cell phones in the store – my only request would be that they tone it down a little bit as honestly, I don't need to hear about their lives or the life of the person on the other end of the phone. A little common courtesy goes a long, long ways!

  2. Facial junkyard. That reminds me. The other day, Larry and I went in to the store Hot Topic. The person working there had a horseshoe ring through the bottom of his nose. He looked like a bull. He also had a lip, eyebrow, and nose ring. As well as those big rings in his ears that stretch the lobes. It was so gross. He said to me, "Can I help you?" — I wanted to say back.."No, can I help you? It actually frightened me a little. It went from a facial junkyard to a facial sunami. I totally agree about the comment/moderation too!

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