32 comments on “They Called Me "The Hunter"

  1. You "home" Miss Clark is a reader ? LOL I'm amazed you didn't want to bang her, figuratively speaking of course. LOL

  2. so sweet you found your love through facebook I have heard great stories about this and as far as honesty goes the brutal honesty is not always wanted but women do like it

  3. Angie-It was great! I don't think a lot of women would have laughed at me. It was rude and being a pig and not like me at all. I just didn't care anymore that night… 🙂

  4. I'm positive Miss Clark is NOT a reader (of yours), which is her loss. Did you see MiB? The bit about Will Smith's teacher always makes me snort out loud.

  5. Oops, I meant to say too, in complete seriousness, that your answer to #1 made me tear up a little.(NOT that this is a challenge, the tearing up stuff, not today)

  6. Bwahahaha…"Eat Me" – very clever name for a supermarket. I haven't done TT yet, but I'll go with "Oh Bite Me". I love the story about you & Kathy. The picture she had with her that day was awesome.

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