24 comments on “Asking Stupid Questions Society

  1. Well I'm with ya on Tom Cruise. So the FT got you to conform. Who would have thought. Elivs. Pffft. These questions were well nit my favorites. LOL And you will know right away LOL

  2. i think all men think often about BJ's. and you are so right on the elvis thing.now rush, bill and ann are another story. we disagree there. but then, that's what makes the world go round and i do not love you any less for it!!! lol

  3. Not touching the political answers with a ten foot pole…but I'd touch a ten…never mind. I'm with you on the rest.

  4. I loved watching those old vids of Elvis…especially what he did with his hands. (shake) Hey, the French Twins look mighty worldly today. Turning Japanese was about masterbation ace. I miss John Lennon's satire and commentary. Thanks for using this meme sir.

  5. Bud;You had me at Tom Cruise.I like a man that speaks his mind, Oh …do you also speak yor mind before sex or after? "Both" doesn't count.

  6. Harriet-I haven't read Thom's yet. But that doesn't answer the question.I'm not much of an Elvis fan. I have enormous respect and love some of his songs, but that's about it.

  7. Yeah, Tom Cruise made an arse of himself with that whole cherade. Love the "get drunk and screw" mantra. That may have to be my new life motto.

  8. Wow, the French Twins made a visit to Asia this week? LOLI think you are 100% correct about what you said about Elvis. I think the others did invent rock and roll and people paid attention more with him which made him the King of Rock and Roll. (shameless plug inserted here)… Hmmm maybe it was the hips. LOL You are also correct in saying I would be moody blue without him. Tom Cruise. Yep, he's a moron. He may even be a tad fucktardian.

  9. Hi Bud, you have a great answers here.. seems you are like a celebrity too.. answering all this wicked questions.. but you bet, we (Wicked Wednesday participants) all love answering it! 😉 You got me thinking… of that bj? LOL.. that seems.. something… so you're worried of it huh? aw… 🙂 And I remember that Tom Cruise scene in Oprah's couch in a show.. LOL.. that's funny yet I guess a bit of fun with something mind provoking? Why he did it anyway? Just to catch attention or exercising our kidly behavior? Aw… whatever.. I am really having fun! ;-)Thanks by the way for visitingMy Wednesday Wickedness (05/12/10)I am having fun answering these wicked questions of John Lennon's quote in his songs?! *grin*

  10. Tom's couch jumping was mind numbing. You are welcome for the visit. I'm glad that you're having fun! I seem to be getting a lot of women thinking about one thing or another. 🙂 Thanks!

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