22 comments on “Discoteca Chupada

  1. I for one am glad there is no pic of you in that thong. Ooo so that's what you and the twins do on Wednesday. You just aren't going to let this Random Boredom (LOL) go. I love it. Have a great Thursday 🙂

  2. Tell ya what: next Random Boredom, my answers are going to be links to your site, and repetitive mentions of you.Notice me not mentioning photos, thongs, choking, or wrestling.

  3. SO excited for Saturday!!! We will finally get to fill Bud's chair! Looking forward to meeting your lady too! :)I loved the pic with your Dad. You were adorable!! Bud as a lad.I must have totally missed Linda Crow going off on you! Then again, I was missing in action for a while.

  4. Oh, Baby Bud! You were soooo cute!On a more serious note, I appreciate that you separated pedophile from gay. It always surprises and saddens me that people don't seem to get there's a difference … which is dangerous because it demonizes gays and often leaves adults blind to the risks to children. (She said, climbing off her soapbox.)

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