21 comments on “My Blue Suede Shoes

  1. Atta Boy. Keep on complaining about these meme's. Keep it up you will become Veep of my club LOL 🙂 Oh those French Twins are back WOOT! You want panache bring 'em along 🙂

  2. Damn! I missed out on the $25….Stef got there first then. So Stef is the one headed to the corner store…for the brown bag special. and the bus ride from Hawai'i to AZ. Hmmmmm. I'm cracking up with Thom's comment re: the Panache. I've done gone and dunnit…I've Thunked!! My ANSWERS

  3. You know you would so rock those blue suede shoes. Hey, if Sue and I can do it. (And soon you too!! YAY!!) Then Berleen and Kimber gotta meet. That would be so cool.

  4. I love your complaining – it makes it unnecessary for me to bitch ( which I am very good at btw) I'm glad to see the twins back – I'd hate to think you're lonely.I don't think my husband would approve of me posting a pic of me in my socks panties bra and tank top. ;P

  5. Complain all you want; we'll write more. ;-)My understanding is that Clark Gable had absolutely horrid halitosis. I think you should go for someone else's life….I'm stunned that you've been banned from a meme. I was yelled at for doing a meme wrong several years ago. So I quit, but jeez…who writes the rulebook here?

  6. Cat.-Scratch Clark. I was doing a meme called Random Dozen & the host Linda Crow started deleting my link. I asked why. She said she was protecting her readers from me. I told her she was Big Brother. I mean really. They get a Google warning before they enter…

  7. oh yeah! that moola is getting me on thom's bus for sure! come on anni…. i'll split it with ya!!!elvis' blue suede shoes were not where near as fabulous as yours, bud!!! for sure! damn! did i miss that clucking stint again????? shoot me!

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