18 comments on “Here Comes the Sun King

  1. You really had me going for a second on #4…then I got to the end of your answer and I seriously laughed out loud. Good for you for being proud of sleeping with married women! 🙂

  2. You mean you sleep with your wife? She is a married woman too. Bud, you are such a riot. Always trying to shock us! Have a great Sunday!hugsshakira

  3. ACK…you mean you got thrown out of Random Dozen? How dare they. Yeah this should have been Saturday 8 this week…good old uncle Fred 🙂 I was getting worried there for a minute about The French Twins. You guess you'll go with them? Your slipping my friend. LOL Have a great Saturday 🙂

  4. Francie Schwartz was a budding film maker who showed up at Apple with a lot of story ideas to pitch and ended up in Macca's bed on the fateful morning that Jane Asher came home a day early from her Shakespearean tour. OOPS! She didn't last long, though. Was displaced by a certain blonde American photographer. Francie got pissed and wrote a book. Can't remember the name of it, but she had the temerity to dash my dreams by saying Paul wasn't all that terrific in bed. Oh well, I justify that heinous claim of hers by saying 1) All those drugs had to have an impact and 2) he's only as good as what he had to work with, you wretched bitch. (I take my Paulie fantasy very seriously.)

  5. Gal-She certainly doesn't sound worth much effort. I think that someone thinks they could sleep with someone once and get it is rather silly. Keep your fantasy! And thanks for teaching me a thing or two…

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