16 comments on “Our 4th BLOGOVERSARY!!!!

  1. Okay what the hell happened to you with Sunday Stealing? Harriet and I discussed the matter and thought maybe Sarah Palin showed up on your door step and kept you busy? hmmmLOL..you excellent at monogamy? pffft but okay. Oral sex before love. ALWAYS!!! Happy Blog Anniversary Bud. I hope you have many many more 🙂

  2. I'm telling you- Thom is right. Sarah came callin' on ya!That cow picture killed me fyi….Thanks for playing man! You should write a Mayhem. We could switch places one week and I could get crucified over a long meme or silly question that's been repeated before.

  3. Thom-Very kind of you. I was fixated on a problem I was having on Sunday. So I still posted Stealing, but could not do humor.Things have worked out so I did Harriet. So-to speak. PLus next week is Part 2 of the Clown. I can do both parts then…

  4. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY BUD!!! May you have 2 times 25 more blog years!! The blog world is a more fun place because of you!!! As far as loving two women at once…Hmm? I think Michelle and MaBelle would agree with you. 😉

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