24 comments on “Taking It Fast and Naked

  1. Annette-Roseanne's show was a guilty pleasure! I always cracked up when she wore that waitress outfit!

  2. Al Franken is an ass pffft. I was getting worried about you and Jill…Didn't think she was going to make it into the post 🙂 WOOT!!! what a relief. And my French Twins o la la 🙂 As I think back I thought Roseanne had bigger tits that the picture shows…just fatty ones really. LOL I'm so with you on Adam Sandler…He and Sarah should get together ROFLMAO!!!

  3. so you're a democrat hey! bummer. and i thought i loved you – lolwell, i still do. even if you don't like o'reilly, rush & sarah. anyway, you're too busy with jill & the twins so i totally understand! and they are more satisfying that any republican!big hugs 🙂

  4. Inappropriate cell phone use drives me nutty. Quick story, I work the front desk at a radio station. A woman came in all dressed up in her velvet workout wear and fancy sneakers talking loudly on her cell phone. She paced in front of my desk and around the waiting area for about ten minutes telling someone on the line all the "important" things she was doing and the important things they needed to do for her. I continued my work while trying to ignore her big mouth. Finally, she gets off of her phone and tells me with the most arrogant and self-important tone who she has a 10:00 appoint with (it was well after 10:00 at this time). I smiled up at her sweetly and informed her that she was at the wrong radio station and went back to work. It was shear joy to knock her off her pedestal!Oooh a bit of a rant. Have a great day, Bud!!!

  5. 'I could care less about: If you are going to use a fucking cliché, get it right. It's "I couldn't care less about."'Thank you!!! =)

  6. Ah Bud – I do love you! Yes, Palin is a scary ass.Faux news sucks butt!And Rush – seriously do people still listen to him?You rock dude!

  7. Sarah Sarah Quite Contrary How does you eyeball blink? LOL. You paying the housekeeper make her wear what you want LOL. 10 minutes? ACK!!!

  8. Just saw tape of the former governor of Alaska exploiting her daughter again. This time she sat by proudly as Bristol took a celibacy oath where it really matters — on Oprah. You're right. The woman is SCARY!

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