16 comments on “We’re Saving the World

  1. Bud you are the bomb! Thanks for the shout out. Being in the land of sun and warmth is rough!!! Yeah Right!!! LOL at your number 5. Why would people even ask to see them naked? Don't the look at the pictures in your blog? pffft…well most of the time they are scantily clad but it leaves ones imagination to go wild.#8 is a home run my friend. Excellent answer and I can't agree more with you on that. I wonder if Sam will show you her box? LOL Speaking of Sam, that woman NEVER comments on my Saturday 9? Is she a figment of my imagination or what? Have a great Saturday

  2. Thom-I think Sam is a figment of my imagination, really. She get's a good following for someone that never says a thing. When I made her up I should have given her…what's the word? Personality. Yea, she needs one…

  3. I agree that reading other's responses is what memeing (is that a word?) is all about. Lately I haven't been doing that as much as I used to. Must work on that.Have a great Saturday!

  4. Oh poor Harriet…she's to busy worrying about Jon boy LOL. Bud ya gotta do something for Harriet so she doesn't feel left out…maybe uh do a Monday Mayhem perhaps LOL Yeah a personality would be good…that wench LOL Not you Harriet…Sam LOL

  5. #6 "It's not as though it has any real redeeming social value."But that is what makes this blog so great! I get enough of the PC, it is nice to let your hair down once in awhile.

  6. Harriet-I knew I made a mistake answering that question. What is wrong with me? Oh, right. Everything.

  7. Well, I think your blog is just perfect as is, too (#5).I also think people should read others answers or what is the point? (#8)And why don't you post more scantily clad MEN??? (#3) I mean Jill is good looking and all, but… I need nekked men!Have a great weekend, see you Sunday.

  8. Lorie-You do have a point. But it is rather unlikely that scantily clad men are in this blog's future. 🙂

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