22 comments on “Let’s Twist Again

  1. Okay..so you aren't Bull Shitting with the new lady. I still want to see the proof with the pictures LOL. Your number 6 was brlliant. Wish I would have thought of that. And number 1 was just the bomb. Great answers. Have a wonderful Saturday 🙂

  2. wow what answers no suprise though you always have great answersI would of had loved to see chubby checker in concert

  3. Wasn't the Karma Sutra a bunch of really bad drawings? Oh, and you're being way too nice to Mrs. Palin.

  4. Good luck with Jill. Although it sounds like the New Year's Eve date lady will give Jill some competition!

  5. i don't know BUD, i'm so used to you being single…. a new lady…. now don't go doing anything foolish this year!!!! what would jill and the twins think??????every once in a while i still look at the kama sutra and think…. what fu**!!!hugs,

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