18 comments on “I Generally Go to Extremes

  1. I like The Good Wife too and always call them by their previous character names. I especially like Mr. Big. LOLHave a great day!

  2. well, you can always ask nancy pelosi what to do about getting that private jet!!!! and what a super 4-some. i'll just bet you had a few hole-in-ones!!!! don't ever stop being funny!hugs,

  3. Obviously you didn't read my post about being King…King of Transportation. ROFLMAO I love it. Mahalo. Golf my ass. You knew exactly what the twins were after…pffft and I think Lady Gaga has something for Jill myself…

  4. Your answers crack me up as usual. This is one Sunday Stealing I wish I would have done. 🙂 Hope your 2010 is fantastic.

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