6 comments on “Crazy Sam is So Hot

  1. wow! i knew sam was pretty! but that body!!!!!!!i cannot wait to see how much fun you'll be in 2010.now for a little mush….. you have brought many smiles and sometimes tears (of laughter) to me in the short time i have been coming to your blog. and it's all been worth every minute.i wish you a truly blessed and humorous holiday and all your dreams (even the dirty ones) in the new year.maybe you can join me and Thom in the dungeon sometime! LOL.hugs,

  2. Wow, I clicked on your link on my site and a warning came up. You PIG! LOLHow are you? I know I've been away for some time but I'm reprising Dr. J Come by and visit some time. Hope everyone is well, and your holidays fill all your dreams. JB

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