21 comments on “Going to the Moon, Alice

  1. This blog has just become my latest procrastination tool. Keep up the weird job, I love your answers to life's questions.

  2. Again Bud you made a good job! Your BLOG is amazingly beautiful. Michelle and Mabelle. . . Hmp . . . I smell something fishy . . .

  3. OMG…I'm famous now LOL…that was just too funny and Mahalo. And I so agree with you on Carmen Sandiego. Too funny. See you on Tranquility Base!!!

  4. Your Sunday Stealing posts are the best. I must admit, your post is the first post I look for every week.Thanks for making me laugh…again.Come by and visit my post if you have time. 😀

  5. i thought the twins were blond? they look great with dark hair – lol.and jill looks super. i hear she's hoping to find you under her tree for xmas! lucky devil!hugs,

  6. Tonto never looked so happy! Is that actor still alive? Even if he's not, that photo may get a rise out of him.

  7. Great answers. Laughed out loud at the Carmen Sandiego answer, and really liked the one about being sucked out of an airplane.

  8. Thom on his bus is awesome!!! I told a friend of mine, if I ever go to hawaii ( probably won't – i don't like the heat) I'd be checking out buses!

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