16 comments on “Hanging on the Balcony

  1. Yeah, I'll cut back on the stalking too.(however, in all seriousness–it's fucking CREEPY make a real-live person a hobby…when that happens, it's time to develop a life)Enjoy the tree decorating. It sure doesn't look like this at my house! 🙂

  2. Budwick? You may regret telling us stalkers that one :)Seriously though, I hope your stalker does move on. Stalking is not a pleasant thing for anyone.

  3. hey sweetie: first….. sure hope your thanksgiving was super!you know i'm always ROTFLMAO here but i must say…. i absolutely love the pictures. you always find the best pictures – which makes your answers even more hysterical. but then, i'm your biggest fan!hugs,

  4. Your lucky to have all your family close by!Oh and we may not have the same Thanksgiving but I'm pretty sure Christmas is the same for all of us… at least it was the last time I checked 😉

  5. YEAH!!! The French twins. I'm beginning to really enjoy those two I tell ya. I bet you like it best when they have to get on the ladder to put the star atop the tree hmmm?

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