22 comments on “To Sir With Love

  1. Oh my! I am so with you on several things: dumb meme questions (who gives a rat's ass if you like your height? Can't change it. Why worry?) but especially the ignorant teabaggers who cannot be bothered to learn one damn thing about their country and the morons who are currently running amok. That's pretty much my screening process – did you vote for Bush? Are you sorry and have turned your life around? If yes and yes, okay we can be friends. If yes and no – BZZZZZZZZT! No dice. Have a good Sunday!

  2. Yes there were some Lulu questions in this meme today LOL. No twins today? pfffft….tata's are always great to look at. Have a great Sunday 🙂

  3. I actually chuckled at your answer to #6–not one mention of the date's appearance. Perhaps there is hope for you yet….naaah, probably not (lol)

  4. Your answer made my day! I was about to go to my OB today but then I couldn't leave without reading your answers. They're great, and please GUYS have to be romantic as well. Do an extra effort for that. LOL!

  5. Number 6!!!!!! Oh boy, how I LOVE this one Bud. You really hit the spot for me. I so truly agree. And not to mention FOX NEWS!! So many times I wanted and still want to just throw something at that TV when that is on the tube. You got me going now…..Sorry I didn't get around to visiting yesterday, but I wanted to catch up this morning.Have a super Monday and a glorious week.

  6. I could have sworn someone once told me that boobs were the windows to the soul. If I had known it was the eyes I would have stopped wearing low cut tops ages ago.

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