30 comments on “Birthdays Suck the Big One

  1. i so loved mary martin as peter pan when i was a youngin. good thing i got away from her eh? happy birthday sweetie.

    hugs & smoochies! and you ARE missed!

  2. I know all too well about life screwing up our bigger plans…

    If you need someone you hardly know to vent to – reach out!

  3. 258? Damn, I should be coming to you when I need some historical facts!

    Seriously, though, hope you had a great birthday and that whatever else is going on, it gets taken care of with the best possible outcome.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!!! I hope that you had a wonderful day. I posted something for you on here and the "other" place.

    I'm sorry that you have alot going on. Whatever it is, know I'm only thinking positive thoughts for you my friend.

  5. Hey haven't been over in a good bit been a little busy myself. Happy Birthday!! I enjoyed your little meme might do it myself. lol

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