18 comments on “How May I Help You?

  1. you can end the world anyway you want…lol i just didn't want it to go towards religion…lol those where just ideas..not choices

    loved your fav halloween creep..only you bud can turn any answer into sex or a woman..

  2. are you old enough to live in an adult community without kids????? could've fooled me! now THAT'S a great halloween trick!


  3. The Walmart greeters aren't really happy to work there they just get sunshine blown up their ass every morning by the manager. Trust me, I used to work there. They had to do something to get us motivated. No, I wasn't a greeter. 😛

  4. Of course you're superstitious! You drink Smirnoff on auspicious occasions.

    (Come to think of it, Smirnoff would probably be good for all occasions, auspicious or not.)

    Have a great, happy day, Bud!

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