20 comments on “Nipple Distraction & Other Horrors

  1. Hitchcock's The Birds scared and scarred me for life. I would never call it a favorite, though. But… maybe that is what makes it a favorite?

  2. I liked your Halloween story. Never heard of Rumple Minze before but it sounds like a fun drink. Happy Sunday!

  3. Casper the friendly ghost!!

    I liked the Halloween story too… the who passes out next game is mega awesome.

    Have a great week!!

  4. Barney is horrifying. my oldest was OBSESSED with the monster. EEK! I still have nightmares of Barney and fucktard together. (gag) Hey Bud, we should chat again soon.

  5. LOL, I'm with Jayne – loved the curmudgeon who played this week! They were rather, uh, odd questions I thought. But why not?

    Your neighbor lady looks awfully young to be showing such boobage!

    Best answer: the ex-wives one. heh

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