34 comments on “Anthony Ain’t Getting Any

  1. Just for you it's a woman and the best you can do is floss? Damn I was hopoing for something with the twins πŸ™‚ Happy Thursday πŸ™‚

  2. Well I'm glad you noticed that a fallen tree is called a log and not a tree. I don't think anyone else got that but us. lol

  3. nonononono…it does not become "a log" until all the limbs are cut off! i mean, a fallen tree would never work in "a log roll".

  4. You should have known I was going to give you some questions to work in a picture of Jill or boobs. Gotta keep that Google warning intact!

    LOL @ your answers!

  5. I call a fallen tree a log too!
    If it's a fallen Christmas tree it can be a yule log!

    I thought for sure your answer for #1 would involve the twins ( 2 sets of breasts ya know) of course I'm having a mind in the gutter day…so if you see my mind down there tell it to come home!


  6. Hey where are the twins? I mean Jill is cute and all but I am so used to seeing them on TT! I do agree with Harriet that toilet is way creepy!

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