8 comments on “Make Mine a Ketel One, Rocks

  1. As an ex-wife myself I probably shouldn't have laughed but Number 4 totally cracked me up!

    Amanda is the resident zombie expert so I'd ask her about the validity of zombies not attacking threesomes but I really would rather avoid the rolling of the eyes that I know would follow!

  2. Actually I've watched too many episodes of True Blood. Sadly I have discovered that West Virginians do exist. My ex is one and I'm pretty sure he's inbred.

  3. Mejis-
    I did see the West Virginia basketball team once. They lost. They were probably inbred, too. And at least he is an EX…

  4. duh not twilight thats the sparkly vampires thats trueblood..lol

    you can't get that drunk? then apparently you have lived in the backwoods where moonshine could peel paint of a car let alone give u nitemares…lol

    and hell turning on Rush just might kill us all

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