10 comments on “Sure, I’ll Hold Your Place

  1. Google Warnings? Google Warnings? What the hell are they? LOL. Never seen 'em before. Tsk on your neighbor…he should be use to this by now 🙂 Great answers. Have a great Wednesday 🙂

  2. still a little sore are we…lol i would like to know out of all the bloggers i read yours is the only one with the warning…maybe blogger though you were getting to big for you britches and thought this would slow people down…i think they forgot the world we live in…make you wanna read it even more..muahaha your plan worked…u just don't realize it yet.

    as for the school question…it also say you were in it. Or did you never go to school? lol
    love your answers…i didnt realize u had to buy your first wife..hehe

  3. LDN-
    I think to get the warning you have to piss someone off. I have no idea who. And i went to school a long time ago…

  4. Again, proof positive that meme writers all assume that:
    1) People are married
    2) People have children
    3) People own homes

    I got one out of three. Maybe Meat Loaf was wrong in his song?

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