22 comments on “Paradise By the Dashboard Light

  1. Spending time during the summer with the kids is the best and I wouldn't have thought you were a grandpa either.

  2. Dang, taking clothes off gets a man's attention. Why the hell didn't I think of that sooner?

    I should have though of that shit sooner. 😦

    LOL! I've got to follow your funny ass now. Thanks alot, as if I have time for this….**tries to rolls eyes, but doesn't really mean it**


  3. Sylvia Rentalot makes two memes…she must be one hot tamale LOL. LOL…you between the French twins…now theres a thought LOL. I'm so with ya on 9/11. Have a great Sunday my friend 🙂 Aloha

  4. I mean really…don't people know that this fucking blog doesn't write itself? Seriously.

    You'd be the one in between the French Twins or the one occupying BUD'S CHAIR. LOL

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