14 comments on “I Think I Love You

  1. as always, BUD, i am LMAO over here. i love the "bend over & grab your ankles" and i liked the response to the "looking for someone to get me out of my mother's house" YIKES! some people.

    come see my limericks for the queen. she's actually keeping me out of the dungeon!!!! way to go Queenie!


  2. "I really love to eat! " I met her for a meet and greet I think…except in her picture she was skinny as a twig…in real life…not so much.

    "I like men who are attentive and polite and not sexually aggressive." So, what she is saying is you need to say "PLEASE bend over and grab your ankles"

    Single mom looking for a rich guy. I have had four men in my life and all have taken everything from me by supporting them. I am looking for someone to support my son and me and get us out my mother's house."

    Finally an honest woman!

    Just saying…

  3. "Oh and "throughly" is a fuck of a lot closer to a word than "transgressive"."

    :p I've asked Merriam-Webster to include that as a new word. After some of the new words they've added in recent years, why the fuck not? LOL

    Great answers today!

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