28 comments on “Flashing at the Front Door

  1. yeah! someone should really do something about that male ladybug! wimp is right! sshheeessshhhh!

    thank you for your lovely comment on jade. BTW… how r u feeling. did your results come back?


  2. Stef-
    I feel better. Back at work. I'll get the results on Thursday. I think I'm on the road back. Thanks!

  3. I think male lady bugs are the drag queens of the insect world.
    As for your neighbor's sister cooking for you…looks like you won't have to worry about any stray hairs getting in your food. 😉

  4. I know where you come up with your answers but where do they come up with these questions?

    Oh, and nothing for nothing but if I dropped a $500 bill I sure the heck wouldn't be just strolling casually down the road, I'd be running around frantically trying to find it therefore that person was lying and it wasn't their money so it's okay to keep it. How's that for logic?!?

  5. First: I think it would be really cool if you threw the music star out. I'd think it would be even cooler if you sang…"It's my party and I'll throw you out fucktard if I want to".

    Second: I have the notes from the meeting and they said that you should choose an attack dog whose eyes haze over and foam at the mouth for your favorite. That's all I got. I was just there for the free coffee.

  6. great answers the lady bug answer would make my oldest sons day since his sister is always hollering about womens rights

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