42 comments on “You Know What They Say?

  1. i couldn't find any pictures to post with my answers. oh well. you're still funny and i still luv you.


  2. Pissy week…pissy questions…and you were right about one that Ber asked. The other was mine. Which is which…I'll never tell.

  3. LOL I am glad you don't bathe in the toilet! You speak Russian…well…even a Russian can sort figure out what this means!
    mantener sus manos fuera de la maldita fruta

    No matter what language…the message is the same!

  4. So you are locked in a room, peeing in the shower and you have a thing for Prince…

    OK, I got it now.

  5. I've noted the Prince/Vaughn comparison before. James looks a little scared in this photo. The expression…

    And wow. Johnnie Walker is right about that life/strange/weird thing.

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