42 comments on “Some Chard With Your Pot?

  1. OMG I wandered over to see what Bud was up to tonight and was this ever hilarious. Now I need to go visit the Queen. You never cease to amaze me with your humor….

  2. The placement! LOL I think the queen was either smoking pot or really hungry while writing these questions. Or maybe both.

  3. ok. i've really no comments for this one except i love your answer on the chardonnay…. the roast etc. is the garnish! bwwwahhhaahhhhaaa

    but, of course, i am ROTFLMAO as always!

    or maybe i just need some pot to understand it all!


  4. OMG that was nearly painful to read…I love puns, but that was over the top, LOL
    I'm gonna go check out spoon porn now…

  5. I think I need to show my spoons some soon porn. Maybe they'll quit forking around then. I have all these damn sporks as a result of that.

  6. 7 Question Meme, I feel like i have been screwed somehow…and not the good way! ….. Pain in my glass…lol

  7. LMFAO over Alotless Weiser. Are you sure it was the butter and not a combination of butter and spoon porn? That'd be enough to do anyone in I think.

  8. Bud something told me not to read this and then I got to the spoonporn.com thing and I knew I should have listened! Very Very funny I guess we were both musically inclined this week!

  9. Oh Bud, those are great answers! I think I got confused with my answers.

    Spoon porn? tee hee…

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