16 comments on “It Don’t Come Easy

  1. well BUD, you got me again LMAO! i really liked the "bend over & grab your ankles" and boy, it's a good think you added that period at the end of that long-winded sentence. can you really call it a sentence?????


  2. i'm eager to try new things too – just as long as there is no fucktard involved.

  3. and i know that my parents souls will surely be happy in heaven when they know that i am finally married to the real man.

    So that's the trick… marry a REAL one. Gotta be much better than the fake ones.. 😀

  4. To the world's longest sentence lady…. HOOKED ON PHONICS WORKED FOR ME!!!

    "bend over and grab your ankles" – BWHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Every week I say the same thing: I can't believe those are real. What ridiculous expectations. No wonder they're looking for love on the internet.

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