32 comments on “To Leap or Not to Leap

  1. You're going down too, Buster!

    Oh. And bring the brown towels. It's getting crowded in there.

  2. Correction: My linkies are not working on the Official BlogBlast site or Peace Globes nor are they working on Mary's Ruby Tuesday. Writing Mr. Linky…..AGAIN.

  3. oh BUD, i could never pick a favorite answer with you. they all get me LMAO! but i do remember Quantum Leap and that hunk (at the time) Scott Bakula!

    i don't know – a night in the dungeon may not be so bad BUD. Look at all the writing you could do and when you get out…. all the wise answers we'd have to read – OR – you could go and get published. Is Larry Flint still around????

    tons of hugs – and 1 for sis too!

  4. LOL what is it about Jill?? that woman is not attractive….jeesh
    Do you know we have a but DR here i town who has URANUS on his license plate! LOL Sick isn't it?

    You are right…a breeze at that temp is a heater!
    Where do I view the video????
    I enjoyed reading! I have been sick since last Friday so have been on and off but more off than on the computer…so I haven't kept up with all your antics…I have a lot of reading to do!:-)

  5. I can't stand musicals either. Just say the words…don't sing them. I don't have the patience for it. Also, when they randomly break into song. I live 12 miles from NYC..and I have NEVER been to a Broadway show yet. zzzzzz….

    Great answers as usual Bud!

  6. That old Queen aint trigger happy she's trigger insane. LOL That dunegone is getting a might cozy in there. Great answers. Hide your white ass LOL…too funny Love #1

  7. Stef-
    Thanks. Sis is doing great. Quantum Leap had great shows. I'll never forget the one were he becomes a black man. Excellent…

  8. Lani-
    It really isn't Jill. But I found the character she played in Crossing Jordan very compelling. But, while she's not a 10, I find her very attractive…

  9. I just popped in to say hi. Actually I'm dead. There's a pile of bones in the dungeon… do be careful not to kick them when you arrive.

    On the upside I can now tell my nephew he has "heterochromia".
    Who knew your blog could be so educational?

  10. Dawn-
    I'm glad you did pop in. I am still laughing about Thom's feet. This blog educational? Only accidentally… 😉

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