53 comments on “Stop in the Name of Love

  1. The supreme court of the state of Diana Ross. To funny. Did she tell ya to wiz off? Lol. Love your commandment. This looks to be a fun meme. Mine up
    later after work.

  2. I'm already on the Missing Judd Corizan case. I just hope they gave him a proper burial at sea before they tossed him in the bloggy ocean. I'm looking into filing charges on Kimber for blog murder.

    Maybe you ought to stay out of this sleuth. You could get in serious trouble and we all know you don't need anymore trouble here!

    This was truly hysterical. I laughed all the way through.

    You most definitely are not in the dungeon.

  3. Damn. Your commandment's better than mine. I hand over my Mimi-given right to rule, you get to be God now. This is going to ROCK.

  4. Thom-
    It is a GREAT meme. It is well thought out and has a sense of nonsense that I love…

  5. Mimi-
    We've been friends a long time. It is my honor to help your launch of this meme. And I hate dungeons…

  6. Tara-
    I thank you. We should have a commandment convention! We'll drink heavily and not care if we accomplish anything…

  7. as always BUD, you've got me rolling on the floor laughing (not a pretty sight – trust me) but i'm so with you on MJ. i didn't like him alive and leave me the hell alone with him dead. he'd dead. done, gone, burried. i hope he went to hell.


  8. hehe… i *LOVE* your commandment!! In honor of how awesome it is, I shall go forth this eve and obey 😉 you know, just to be sure i get my seat in heaven 😉

  9. You crack me up. I think I should read your answers BEFORE I post mine. LOL! Twins. Do they have brothers?

  10. Looks like I'm in deep doo-doo with you. Guilty by association they say…

    Tell the Queen to get her royal little… just tell her to bail me out ok? She owes me… 🙂

  11. Was your commandment one of the ones that Moses "accidentally" dropped? Which Mel Brooks movie was that?

    Off to give the Queen my answers…

  12. Still ain't gotten over Sunday's huh? 🙂

    At least we have a new meme to play! (like we needed another one, but what the hell)

    Love the answers as always, hon!

  13. Ber-
    As you know it is different when it's your meme. I really hadn't read Sunday's meme before it was published. So I felt guilty I allowed it to happen…

  14. :::dodges the court jesters and guards to leave a comment:::

    I ummm saw a book with that title in the stores the other day…

  15. I'm innocent I tell ya! Innocent! When I left Judd he was alive. Yes I threatened him, but it was just that, a threat. The gun I had with me never was fired.

    *Jaws theme*

    But I am coming after you Bud. (Insert evil laugh)

    Loved the answers! LOL

  16. Honestly the Objectionable Content Warning is a bit annoying. I just want to get in and read and laugh, have a great time. Your marriage on the crystal ball bwahahahah!!!Your commandment rocks! Hugs

  17. What have I gotten myself into?
    Have you read Kimber's post?
    She wants to kill me!!!!

    I can't investigate two murders at once especially when one is my own. I'm just too busy with nail appointments.

  18. And what kind of trouble is Dawn in now? She should have used that Get-Out-Of-Dungeon-Free card she had while the gettin' was good.

    Now I have 3 fires to put out!

  19. Fat lot of help she was.
    I'm in the dungeon for life.

    She's in a nasty mood tonight… shhhhh!

  20. **You'd be in a nasty mood too if you'd been dodging bullets all night. There's violence afoot in Bloggingham.**

  21. Yours is so funny! Mine is pretty boring, but maybe it will get better with time.

  22. Oh, Bud! What kind of world would it be if people were able to have hot, sexy, out-of-control sex whenever they wanted it? Sigh … I'm fantasizing right now …

  23. Your answers are fantastic! I want to change my commandment. You are having way too much fun over here.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  24. Lola's crown face is gone. YAY! I love the new header. You are so creative. It is better than my own by a lot. Why didn't I let you design the header for my meme? DUH.
    Kicking myself…

  25. Holy Moly Bud..you are right, I'd come find you.

    Word of advice, beware of women asking strange questions about animals and different planets.

    As far as Diana is concerned…she may have her hands full very soon.

  26. Jodi-
    I knew I could count on you! You are right about Diana. I think the mom may win…

  27. Oh thank goodness. The Celcius thing bugged me too. It was quite like having to push 1 for English.


  28. Sir Studley! You would be well-advised to keep the Queen, er, "busy" shall we say? She cannot think whilst thus engaged!

  29. Terrific answers. You sound like you'd have made a great God, interested to see how you'd top that first commandment.

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