28 comments on “Stopping By a Brothel

  1. OMG…well first I was shocked…and then honored…then I LMAO!

    I guess maybe it wouldn't be on the list as a to do if you all ready did it…LOL OMG I fell over on that one…
    Well I have real low expectations Bud! LOL But your answers actually raised them..:-)
    thanks so much for joining in this week!
    You are a Loon (in my best Katherine Hepburn imitation):-)

  2. Oh Bud…this is so you. No. 2 is the best. Great answers…and can ya make a suggestion on Sunday Stealing to not have so many damn questions? Was ridiculous this week.

  3. Lani-
    When you've been creating a blog as long as I, you try value your days off. It lets you recharge the batteries. I've seen a lot of burnout. It's why I don't comment on my days off. And since I did not do Stealing, it was a perfect time to give this a shot…

  4. no. 2 exactly; no.3 brilliant; all the rest – i had a laughing fit again. happy to see you're back, Bud!

  5. I just heard from the Twins…they feel you are dissing them way too much recently…not one item on your Bucket List included them…


  6. Calmer than usual answers. hhmm…must have been the family time over the weekend- when the rest of us were answering like a million questions in that Sunday Stealing meme.

  7. I was almost afraid to read after Blogger warned me about coming to this site, but I was brave and I persevered and then cracked up. I soooooo love smartassy peoples!

  8. Bud… I already have a taste just being involved with 4 or 5 memes a week…by the time I do the meme…and try to read everyone else's and comment..holy crap!

    I don't see how you have time to do all the commenting you do!!


  9. I'd like to go to Josh Holloway's dressing room on LOST (for informational purposes of course..LOL)

    Jose Cuervo…what about Smirnoff?

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