37 comments on “WTIT Post 1000: An Interview

  1. big congrats Bud! May you have many more years of making us laugh our asses off! what a great diet!

    big hugs,

  2. congrats Bud!
    I am glad to hear that you are not competing with Howard Sterns as I absolutely find that man the most appalling human being (if you can even call him a human being) on earth!
    Keep posting Bud…just hang on to your class…. You haven't lost that right? What?

  3. Congratulations Bud! You are infinitely more lovable than Howard Stern. There's no comparison. I owe you many laughs!

  4. Congrats on 1000 Bud! That's blog posts and not your age right? Teasing. 😉

    Can't wait to read 1001 and on.

  5. Congrats on getting to the thousands!!

    Tell Judd I still haven't heard from him. He was supposed to call.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY FRIEND BUD ON YOUR 1000TH POST!!! I am SO proud of you for posting soooo many posts and am so lucky to call you friend! Thanks for all the laughter you bring to me and the rest of the blogosphere.

    You are amazing!!!! Congratulations. Keep blogging & I will keep reading!!!

    Holy Moly!!

  7. PS..I will be back later to read all the other posts…we are going out for the day. I didn't want come online and not read your 1000th post!

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