36 comments on “She’s Still Climbing That Stairway

  1. Those monkeys were pretty nasty.
    I chose a Zeppelin tune as well. Why wold you even bring up Coldplay? Happy Saturday.

  2. Harriet-
    Coldplay has been a great band for nearly a decade and yet still WAY too new for a classic rock countdown…

  3. I KNEW I wasn’t the only one that didn’t like those damn monkeys. I used to hide under things when that part of the movie came on.

  4. LOL..The Wizard of Oz seems to have plenty of answers today in Saturday 9. Liked the answer to number 1…LOL. Excellent. Happy Saturday

  5. Great meme Bud. Would you believe I was terrified of the witch in Snow White? I was a wuss.

  6. Unfortunately Wayne’s World ruined Stairway to Heaven for me. But the flying monkeys still rock.

  7. Stairway to Heaven seems to be on several entries. I remember it playing like 100 years ago. Happy Saturday. I enjoy my laughing fit here as usual 🙂

  8. Good Day there Bud! Hey, we had the same answwer for The top song. Get minds think alike:))

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