9 comments on “(Round, Round) I Get Around

  1. It’s a wonder these women have to advertise. Can no-one see the magic? IS THERE NO GOD?! Bud, you never fail to make me smile. I thank you =)

  2. Incredible…you go on a dating site and then immediately want to lie about how you met…I had a few of those…Nancy and I love telling people we met on match.com, because we love the reactions we get…

  3. I’d ask Gabby, “around what?” If she’s been around LaGloria, Mexico, which some believe is Ground Zero for swine flu, perhaps it’s dangerous to be around Gabby.

    You bring up a good point about how quickly things happen in porn movies. Makes me wonder why more boys don’t dream of growing up to be pizza delivery men. (UPS drivers, too.)

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