14 comments on “The Holy Church of St. Dobbs

  1. Great memories! Did you remember to swing by the church and bring home a bulletin? That was the proof I had to hand to my mother to show I “went” to church. It sure made nice reading while I ate breakfast at McDonalds!

  2. “what we were praying for during our holy breakfast”
    only you Bud… 🙂

  3. I remember this story from the past…

    I am a non-practicing Roman Catholic…well, they asked me to leave Catholic School, so figured no sense in dealing with them on Sundays.

  4. Great story Bud. Great memories to go with it… makes me jealous I didn’t have the creativity to come up with something like that while we skipped out of Wednesday night religion classes!
    I’m a recovering Catholic, so this story was WONDERFUL!

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