10 comments on “Kris Allen Wins Season 8 on Idol 2009!

  1. I thought maybe Rod had had a few pints before taking the stage…he looked a tad blottoed to me

    I do not think it has anything to do with Adam being gay. I have seen that on a couple of posts and to me, that is silly…

    I think Gork-a-doodles fans voted for Kris…

  2. I’m sad that Adam didn’t win…but I think that his music is not very mainstream. Kris is going to be a do nothing Idol if you ask me, sorta in the ranks of Reuben, Fantasia and Taylor. He’ll never be a Kelly or Carrie. Adam will be though. It was a great season 🙂

  3. Vinny-
    I agree. I think it was Danny’s fans as well. I thought Rod seemed sick…

  4. sometimes i think the whole thing is staged anyhow…ever notice how the underdog wins…i thing they let the good ones go so they can pursue their dreams and the the 2nd best get stuck in idol contract where they have to do what idol wants them to do. I was an allison fan…i know she was better than danny aka the screamer…i was not a adam fan but and didn’t want him to win…but i know he was better than Kris’s performace on the last contest

  5. As we discussed… Cooke moved me to tears and we both know Adam is the larger talent (by a lot) but Kris definitely has that joyful musical something that makes me believe his music as well. I wanted Allison in the finals. She was amazing with Lauper. And when Santana walked out…just wow. I’m a huge fan. On my top ten things to do before I die: Go to a Santana concert.

    Season 9 should be interesting. But let’s lose Kara.

  6. Seeing Rod looking so old and sad made me wonder exactly how old Maggie Mae would have to be by now. 80-something? Can you imagine her in a home somewhere, poking the her grandchildren with her cane as they watched Idol with Nanny, announcing, “That was me! I’m the one who deflowered Rod Stewart.”

    Yeah, right, Granny.

  7. Gal-
    That is really a riot! He was old and sad, wasn’t he? His wife’s age always remains the same, but he is aging.

  8. LDN-

    I think people vote for over the season. I’d guess the last show carries much weight. And I think we accept that the judges commenys hace WAY more importance than they actually do…

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