32 comments on “Don’t Bogart That Joint

  1. number #14 ~ whats really funny is i smarted off to that one too only to realize it was my friend’s question..lol

    i knew your place to be would have naked woman…

  2. LDN-
    I was worried about insulting someone. But, it is what I do. Lucky guess about the naked women! 😉

  3. Naked women, of course.

    30something women bloggers rock your world, don’t they? 😉

  4. LMAO! But you need to be careful with your answer for #18. When inviting you might want to have specifications. That could have been a guy that asked that question. It wasn’t but it could have been. Just saying… 😉

  5. Triplets eh? Glad to see you are branching out and trying new things!
    Good for you Bud! Never stop growing… that’s my motto 😉

  6. Dawn-
    The imagination has to grow! When I stop my fantasies, bury me. So, yes, we should never stop growing… 😉

  7. I am the blogger formerly known as CRIMSON. Have a new blog and new name, so bring your Bud and Weiser and come see me sometime.

    Totally agree about Alan Alda as Hawkeye and MASH

  8. I always did feel sorry for the bunny…only real victim in that movie…

    Can watch Notting Hill over and over as well…definitely one of the best stories out there 🙂

  9. twilight – ok bud – here is one 30-something female blogger that has never seen or read it and has no interest to.
    just saying

  10. I never liked the Star Trek series, but the new movie rocks. I like that they made it so that even the non-fans would enjoy it.

    After 7 back surgeries, I’d say be careful with all the twins and triplets and married ladies you got, but hey, live it up!

  11. Well at least we can all speculate about the need for 7 back surgeries. But, when My father in law had his he was told how important exercise, especially those that keep you limber are to his continued recovery, so maybe the triplets will be therapeutic? Doubt your insurance will see it that way but you can always try.

    Love your answers as always.

  12. #3 funny. Hawkeye is a good answer. Mash was a really good show. I always thought my brother-in-law looked like Hawkeye.

  13. I don’t get insulted easy. 😉
    I should get extra credit since I actually came up with 2 stupid questions. lol

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