12 comments on “Bud’s Laws: Law 42

  1. 36. The customer who pays the least complains the most.

    ain’t it the truth!

    Happy Wednesday Bud!

  2. “If it’s any good at all, they will discontinue it.”

    Prestige Lip Stick Pencil in Fig. I am STILL fucking bitter about it and it has been 5 years.


  3. #18.
    I’m 36. See? I can say that and mean it. It’s not true but as long as I mean it that’s all that counts right?

  4. Is this like those Truck commercials…is there really an everybody you are talking about?

    Is everybody a generic term?

    I am so comfuzzled…

  5. Vinny-
    You’re too funny! Everybody was around here somewhere. Where the heck-a-doodle did they go?

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