14 comments on “We Stayed for the Friends

  1. Congrats! And thank you kindly mon ami! It’s definitely about the friends 🙂

  2. Shannon-
    They really do. WTIT used the slogam “Where Your Friends Are” since 1972…

  3. Rising Blogger lives on. There is satisfaction in that. We don’t have to find the posts anymore. There is satisfaction in that too.

    Congrats and thank you!

  4. Mimi-
    I’m proud of what we did, but I don’t miss a moment. It’s really know a Post of the Month thing. Which is probably MORE realistic…

  5. I’m proud of us too! We did, I believe, set the standard for awarding posts and not blogs in the blogosphere. I think it was the first such site of its kind.
    But it was a full-time job and you are right – I do not miss that at all!

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