28 comments on “Naked Woman & Fucktardians

  1. Hey way to go….first one here. And I, too, think you would have a great success at stand up. You must give it a try!

  2. I don’t think I could ever date a smoker… ugh, waking up to the smell of burning leaves next to you 😦

    You would be a lot better of of a stand up comic than the ones at the local coffeehouse’s open mike 🙂

  3. fucktardian – you stole that from me too. now bud, if you kept paying me for using my word, i wouldnt’ have had to switch to Absolut. Come on now.

  4. I loved fucktardian! It elevates fucktard to the level of Shakespeare =)

    I have never pondered what I would want out of heaven. Isn’t that odd? If it was a lovely Hawaiian beach where I could listen to music, drink Pina Colada’s and read I think that might just do it. Oh…and have access to all the historical and literary folks I admire.

  5. Starr-
    Heaven is such an absurd concept. But I did like its depiction in the Robin Williams film “What Dreams May Come”…

  6. Starr-
    I am not at all religious, but when that movie came out I saw it with my girlfriend at that time. She was Catholic. I said that the Dreams movie was aversion of the afterlife that I could relate to. Gee. That was over ten years ago. I wonder what’s she’s doing tonight? Oh. Right. She’s cooking me dinner…

  7. I know this may surprise you, but I love the word “fuckers” too. LOL! HOLY MOLY – can you believe it???

    I think you would be an AWESOME stand-up comedian.

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